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Azimut Yachts, part of Italy’s Azimut-Benetti Group, is a leading builder of luxury yachts from 11.8 metres to more than 36 metres in length. Azimut-Benetti Group is the largest yacht manufacturer by number of units and length of yachts under construction listed in the Boat International Global Order Book, a position it has enjoyed for a number of years.

History of Azimut Yachts

Azimut Srl got its start in 1969 when Paolo Vitelli, as a college student, opened a sailing yacht chartering business in Turin and was soon asked to be an Italian distributor for several boat manufacturers. During the 1970s, Vitelli gradually moved the company into boat building, beginning with a joint venture with Ameriglass to offer the AZ 43’ Bali, a 13-metre, mass-produced fibreglass recreational boat that quickly gained popularity. The launch of a 32’ Targa in 1977  and a 105-footer in 1982 secured Azimut’s place as an international manufacturer of production yachts.

Over the years, Azimut has maintained market leadership through design innovation and diversification. A striking example of its design DNA is Azimut’s use of large, frameless hull windows to connect guests aboard its yachts to the sea outside. Its yacht model series feature progressive, contemporary styling and aggressive performance. Azimut motor yachts also are known for their modern, high-tech interiors.

In 2013, sister yacht and entry level brand Atlantis was merged into Azimut Yachts, putting five luxury yacht series together under the Azimut marque: Flybridge, S, Magellano, Atlantis, and the Azimut Grande superyacht collection, with Verve being added in 2016.

In 2019, Vitelli, now chairman of the Azimut-Benetti Group Board of Directors,  marked Azimut’s 50th Anniversary with celebrations in Dubai, New York, Cap d’Antibes and Avigliana, including a presentation at a Sustainability Talks held at the NASDAC Impact Summit in New York and the display of an Azimut S6 in Times Square during the city’s Design Connections Week. In 2019, Azimut reported 50% of its sales in the Americas, 29 % in Europe, the Middle East and Africa accounting for 14%, and Asia Pacific with 7%.

In 2020, Marco Valle, who has held various positions with Azimut-Benetti since 1996, including CEO of Azimut since 2016, was promoted to Group CEO, overseeing both brands. In total, the Group builds yachts from 12 to more than 100 metres LOA. He is charged with keeping the identity of each brand intact and distinct while fully respecting the signature characteristics of each shipyard.

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Notable Yachts and Award Winners

Azimut presented is Magellano 25 Metri to worldwide debut at a special showing in Viareggio during September 2020. The chic, timeless and sporty exterior lines by Ken Freivokh are complemented by interiors by architect and designer Vincenzo De Cotiis making his debut yacht design. The yacht, which combines unprecedented style and design choices with the widespread use of carbon fiber and the latest technology, is a perfect blend of discipline and reason on one hand, and creativity and emotion on the other, as well as a wonderful expression of Azimut Yachts’ DNA. Although the Magellano line was first introduced in 2010, the 25 Metri and soon to follow 30 explore a new design language.

Following on the success of the 120SL introduced in 2012, the current queen of the Azimut superyacht collection is the Grande 35 Metri introduced in 2016. Designed by Stefano Righini with an interior by Achille Salvagni, the builder’s most frequent design duo, the raised pilothouse yacht has a sport-boat like flybridge and a side entry tender garage. It is part of the builder’s wide beam series and features an angular deck forward to provide more working deck area forward of guest sunpads. The Grande line was backfilled with smaller models starting with the 27 metri in 2017 and the 25 Metri and 32 Metri in 2018. The 32 and 35 metre yachts debuted Azimut’s D2P (displacement to planning) hull design created to improved fuel efficiency at displacement speeds.

Initially introduced as Azimut’s first outboard Weekender in 2016, the Verve 40 was a cross between a center console and a cruiser. Azimut added another high-speed outboard powered sport yacht to its line up in 2020 with the Verve 47. Given a deep-V hull design by Michael Peters and styling and interior by Francesco Struglia, the boat looks like a sports car, and with four 450hp Mercury Verados hanging on the stern, hits 50 knots.

Azimut seems to like to try out innovations on it’s S line, such as its use of triple Volvo IPS drives on the S6, S7 and S8 and a stunning integrated bridge display on the S10, all in 2019. The S10 was designed by Italian designer Alberto Mancini while Francesco Guida penned the interior.

Award winners

Azimut 68S, 2005, Christofle Award, Best Motor Yacht under 100 feet

Azimut 103SL, 2007, World Yachts Trophy, Best Innovative Yacht over 24m

Azimut 80, 2008, World Yachts Trophy, Most Innovative Boat

Azimut 72S, 2010, World Yachts Trophy, Best Interior Layout Award

Azimut Shipyard, 2011, RINA Green Plus Award

Magellano 50, 2011, World Yachts Trophy, Best Innovative Design

Azimut 55s, 2012, World Yachts Trophy, Most Innovative Yacht & Best lnterior and Layout

Azimut 80, 2013, World Yachts Trophy, Most Functional Yacht

Azimut Grande 32, 2018 Boat International Design & Innovation Awards, Best Naval Architecture, Semi-Displacement or Planing Yacht

Azimut Grande 27, 2017, World Yachts Trophy, Most Achieved

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Known for its composite yacht construction expertise now including carbon fibre, Azimut Yachts is based in Avigliana, Italy, and operates additional manufacturing facilities in Viareggio, and Savona/Varazze Italy, and Itajai, Brazil. The shipyard also operates numerous service centres serving customers around the world. In recent years, the company has made consistent strong inroads in yacht sales in the 24 metres and upmarket within the Asia-Pacific region thanks in part to the strong dealer presence of Marine Italia the dealer for Singapore, Hong Kong and part of China, and by the new Australian dealer D’Albora.

Current Models

Azimut S6, S7, 77S, S8, Grande S10

Azimut Flybridge 50, 55, 60, 66, 78, 80

Azimut Grande 25m, 27m, 30m, 32m, 35m, Trideck (project, due March 2021)

Atlantis 34,43, 45, 51,

Magellano 43, 53, 66, 25m, 30m (project)

Verve 40, 47



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